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Young People With Migraines More Likely to Have a Vitamin Deficiency

Preventing migraines in young people may be as simple as taking a vitamin supplement. A recent study suggests that many young people with migraines have vitamin deficiencies.

Specific Vitamin Deficiencies Lead to Migraines

The study found a high percentage of children, teens, and young adults with migraines have mild deficiencies in vitamin D, riboflavin, and co-enzyme Q10. But, the study could not prove that a vitamin supplement was the answer in preventing the migraines.

In a statement released by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Suzanne Hagler, MD, a Headache Medicine fellow in the division of Neurology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and lead author of the study said:

“Further studies are needed to elucidate whether vitamin supplementation is effective in migraine patients in general, and whether patients with mild deficiency are more likely to benefit from supplementation.”

Dr. Hagler presented her findings in June at the 58th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society in San Diego.

Vitamin Deficiency Varies Between Boys and Girls

She found that girls and young women were more likely than boys and young men to have co-enzyme Q10 deficiencies. Boys and young men were more likely to have vitamin D deficiencies.

Previous studies about vitamin deficiencies in migraines have indicated that certain vitamins and vitamin deficiencies may be important in the migraine process. Studies using vitamins to prevent migraines, however, have had conflicting results.

When Professional Treatment for Migraines is Needed 

In many migraine and headache cases, professional treatment is necessary for permanent relief. If you are ready to take a step towards being pain free, or simply want to learn more about how our pain management therapy works at Pasadena Pain Management, contact us today to set up a FREE consultation.