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Women with Migraines at Higher Risk for Heart Disease

Women with migraines are more likely to develop heart problems, according to a new study published in the journal The BMJ.

Researchers say they found that women who suffer from migraines were at greater risk of having a heart attack and chest pain — and are more likely to undergo heart-related procedures such as a coronary artery bypass.

Women with migraines were not only linked with an increased risk of developing heart disease, but they were also associated with a greater chance of dying from heart-related problems than they were in women without migraines.

Migraines have a small effect on cardiovascular risk compared with other known risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. However, researchers say that because migraines are relatively common, affecting an estimated 1 in 4 American women, the small effect can add up to a significant risk.

While more research is needed to thoroughly understand the connection between migraines and cardiovascular disease, pain management professionals urge women to treat their migraines with existing therapies and be aware of the steps they can take to reduce their overall risk for heart disease and stroke.

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