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Modern Day Headaches: Which Culprit is Causing Your Migraines?

Technology has become almost ubiquitous in our culture. Our world is traveling faster than ever, and sometimes the technology we use to communicate and consume information can leave us with a splitting headache. The harsh reality is: Modern day technology — while fun to use — can contribute to headaches and migraines.

Which stimuli are assaulting you day after day? Here, the experts weigh in on the biggest modern day culprits.

1. 3D Movie Screens

3D entertainment may look cool onscreen, but the headaches it can cause may suck the fun out of the whole experience. Studies show that most people find non-3D scenes the most comfortable to watch. Situations where an image has unusual blur, frequency, or contrast can cause headache pain. Additionally, people with eye disorders like  crossed eyes are more likely to have headache as a result.

2. Tablet or Smartphone Screen Time

Screens —whether from an iPad, tablet or smartphone — are everywhere. And believe it or not, when you’re looking at a screen you are barely blinking. Experts say when you are staring at a screen you are blinking less often than the 18 times a minute your eyes prefer. For anyone who is prone to headaches and migraines this can spell disaster. Eyes need a rest, even for the split second it takes to blink.

It’s best to avoid continuous screen time use for more than 30 minutes.

3. Multi-tasking

If you’ve got too much on your to-do list and you’re trying to do everything at once, you will be prone to headaches and migraines. Stress, lack of sleep, intense focus — these are all headache triggers. Your best bet is to slow down, prioritize that list to get the urgent items out of the way, and schedule some breaks between the remaining tasks.

4. Lights and glare.

Because technology is with us 24 hours a day, it’s possible to keep working and playing late into the night. But for people who are sensitive to their environments, lights and glare from computers, tablets, and smartphones can become direct migraine triggers. To prevent headache pain, use shades and lamps to create gently lit spaces and always adjust the glare settings on whichever tech gadget you are using.

5. Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are designed to look like cigarettes, but they’re actually battery-operated technology that provide varying levels of nicotine by vaporizing nicotine and other contents of the cartridges loaded into them. These products have not been thoroughly studied, but a survey of users showed that headache is one of the most common unwanted side effects of e-cigarette use.

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