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When Stress Relief is More Painful Than Stress Itself

Anxiety is often considered a migraine trigger, but many migraineurs realize that the release of anxiety is an even larger cause than the stress itself.

Reduced Pressure Can Become a Huge Migraine Trigger

Consider this: You make it through final exams without a migraine attack, but when they are finished you, find yourself curled up in a darkened, quiet room due to a migraine.

This is the scenario that’s so common among people who get “let-down” migraines. According to findings published in the journal Neurology, in the first six hours of reduced anxiety, an individual’s risk of getting a migraine increases by almost five times. The let-down effect lasts around 24 hours.

Why Let-Down Headaches Occur

Doctors speculate that”let-down” migraines occur because the hormone cortisol increases during stress and reduces pain. Cortisol acts as a type of defense during stressful periods. The hormone’s levels fall when stress is released, which also reduces its protective effect and leaves one open to a migraine attack.

It is almost impossible to avoid stress altogether, but learning how to handle it might be the secret to reducing let-down migraines. Be mindful of increasing stress levels and try to relax during those trying periods — mild yoga, exercise, or short walk can help. Doctors say that if your stress levels get really high, relaxing slowly instead of all at once might keep”let-down” migraines .

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