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Wearable Posture Device Makes You Sit Up Straight

Like so many people, you probably spend all day hunched over your office computer or glued to your smartphone or tablet unknowingly partaking in bad posture. It can be literally quite the pain in the neck.  But now a wearable piece of technology called the Alex “posture coach” can make you sit up straight each and every day.

How the Posture Coach Device Works

The posture device is worn around your neck and vibrates to remind you to straighten up your posture throughout the day. Its makers says the posture coach is specifically designed to prevent ‘text neck’ — which is a condition caused when people drop their heads to look down at their devices for long periods of time. If not corrected, ‘text neck’ can result in headaches, neck, shoulder, and upper back pain.

The posture coach is a rectangular device that hooks onto the your ears so it can sit on the nape of your neck — a reliable location that indicates posture. The technology monitors a person’s posture in real-time using a “tri-axis motion sensor” which can track the angle of the neck and the head that is relative to the body.

If a wearer is slouched forwards for more than a few minutes, the device will vibrate to remind the wearer to sit up straight. It can’t, however, detect hunched shoulders.

How to Get It

The company based in Seoul, South Korea, is raising money to put Alex into production on Kickstarter. It is only available via pre-order for $49.

Makers of the Alex Posture Coach say they ultimately want the device to connect to a companion app for iPhone and Android handsets via Bluetooth connection.