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Tips to Avoid a Valentine’s Day Migraine Meltdown

We all know how difficult holidays can be with migraines, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Migraine and other headache disorders wreak havoc with relationships, often causing us to not be able to spend enough time with and do things with the people whom we love and care about.

This insidious condition has caused both migraineurs and the loved ones in their lives to feel guilty, frustrated, and even angry.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, here are some tips and suggestions for celebrating Valentine’s Day Migraine FREE.

  • Candy is an ever popular Valentine’s Day gift. This can be a problem if you tend to buy a gorgeous box of chocolates, but chocolate is a migraine trigger for the person for whom you’re buying them. Here’s a creative work-around for you: Find a pretty gift box or gift bag and fill it with other types of candies. Use your imagination. There are lots of good candies that aren’t chocolate.
  • Flowers are another popular Valentine’s Day gift, but the smell of blooms is another possible migraine trigger. Find a good florist and work with them to give blooms with no fragrance.
  • Perfumes, fragranced bath and body products, and scented candles rank high on the listing of possible Valentine’s Day gifts. They can be strong migraine triggers. These gifts are best avoided unless you know they’re not a trigger for the recipient. Better yet, avoid them unless you know of specific fragrances and products that your valentine can use without triggering a migraine.

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