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[WATCH] Physical Therapy for TMJ & Headaches

At Pasadena Pain Management, we offer comprehensive services for cranofacial pain, TMJ jaw pain, headaches and migraines. Among those services: Physical therapy exercises.

During an initial evaluation for pain, particularly for TMJ and headaches, I will perform a muscle exam to determine how tender your muscles are. TMJ and headache sufferers often have very painful muscles throughout their head and neck. This type of exam helps me understand the mechanism that’s causing the pain.

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Then, I will use gentle physical therapy exercises to relax the muscles which will then allow me to do a more accurate occlusion.  Ultimately, I’ll be looking at the dental force bite in the mouth to determine how adjustments need to be made to treat the pain associated with TMJ and headache.

While there are similar practices going on in pain management and dental offices across the country, no one is doing just exactly what I’m doing. However, I’ve found that conducting physical therapy prior to occlusion adjustments makes a remarkable difference in relaxing the muscles, making pain treatment faster and more efficient.

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