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[WATCH] 6 Neck Stretches for TMJ Pain Relief

On the heels of a post published last week, Dos and Dont’s for Dealing with TMJ Jaw Pain, I thought it would be ideal to focus this post on relaxing neck stretches for TMJ.

TMJ exercises, just like those for other joints and muscles, will strengthen the structures and decrease pain. These neck exercises will undoubtedly help reduce the pain you may be having from your jaw joint — but remember,  this is a very complex structure, and it can produce a myriad of symptoms that you may not ordinarily associate with chewing, for example.

I must stress; choosing the right TMJ exercises and doing them correctly, is paramount. Listen to your jaw. Some discomfort is to be expected in the beginning, but if your instincts tell you this is not helping, stop the exersizes. Contact us immediately!

Watch below the proper way to engage in soothing neck stretches for TMJ pain relief.

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