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Viral FB Post Shows How a Chip Clip Can Relieve a Migraine

It may not be a conventional form of migraine treatment, but one UK woman believes a chip clip saved her from crumbling under a debilitating migraine.

Elizabeth Hayes shared her bizarre migraine treatment method on Facebook. She suffers from chronic migraines and recently had a migraine last for over 12 hours. She tried medications and other tricks and nothing was working. She decided to Google some tricks to help relieve the migraine more quickly.

Here is Elizabeth’s post:

“This chip clip saved my life tonight. I had a migraine start almost twelve hours ago and about an hour ago it was at an unbearable limit. I had exhausted all of my drugs and tricks I usually use to ease my migraines to no avail. I googled fast relief for migraines and it pulled up something called Aculief. I glanced at the counter and saw this chip clip and decided it would do about the same thing. Within one minute I had some relief, and within twenty my pain was reduced by half!! I decided to order the real thing off Amazon. Just wanted to share this with everyone, as I know many of you suffer from migraines also.”

The product Aculief is what she recommends. But you don’t want to shell out any money for a new product. A chip clip works in a similar fashion. It works by providing pressure to a point in your body — between your pointer finger and thumb — that naturally provides headache and tension relief. Elizabeth shared that it reduced her pain by about half in only 20 minutes!

While this method worked for Elizabeth, it’s important to understand that pressure point treatment will not be effective for all migraine sufferers. For instance, migraines caused by misaligned dental forces in the mouth, or TMJ/TMD, can not be treated by acupressure alone. Professional dental treatment for migraines is needed to correct the condition, and to keep it from reoccurring.

Diagnosing and Treating Headaches and Other TMD-Related Symptoms

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