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Vertigo: When It’s Time for Treatment and Why Your Jaw May Be to Blame

Chronic vertigo and dizziness can affect your life in many ways. The constant disruption of balance is known to cause depression, fatigue, stress, and anxiety!

For people with vertigo and dizziness, sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint when the symptoms are really happening. In the beginning, some sufferers think that maybe the symptoms are all in their heads; a figment of their imaginations. Nothing is further from the truth.

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Vertigo and dizziness can have many causes, and it can be difficult to pinpoint which one is responsible for the symptoms.  Luckily, in many cases vertigo and dizziness can now be traced to underlying problems with the mouth and jaw — in these cases, chronic balance issues can actually be completely and permanently resolved.

Vertigo Symptoms

While symptoms vary from person to person, vertigo and dizziness generally manifest as a disruption of the sense of balance and a feeling that one’s surroundings are shifting or moving.

This feeling of movement is not “real,” but rather a result of an underlying problem that is disrupting the function of the body’s most important balance organ — the inner ear.

Why Your TMJ May Be Causing Your Vertigo

The human jaw can generate over 260 pounds of force on the molars, and unless this pressure is perfectly balanced it can throw the delicate balance of the jaw’s muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments into disarray.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is where your jaw connects to the side of your head, right in front of the ears. It one of the most complicated joints in the body and has a specialized structure and tissue makeup, and any disruption of its balance can result in symptoms like vertigo.

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Finding and Treating the Underlying Cause of Vertigo

Here at Pasadena Pain Management, we are trained TruDenta pain therapy specialists. In treating vertigo and dizziness, we offer the following:

  • Bite Force Analysis — this TruDenta technology is able to analyze and display the different forces at play in your mouth and jaw, right down to how much pressure is exerted by each individual tooth.
  • Range of Motion Analysis — TruDenta’s ROM system measures any abnormal or restricted movement in your head and neck in order to narrow down potential causes and create a specialized treatment plan.

Our unique TruDenta technologies work together to reduce pain and inflammation from the very first session, with the end goal of creating a complete and lasting resolution of symptoms.

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No injections and no medications means no unpleasant side effects!

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