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Study Links Unexplained Headaches to Low Vitamin D

We may live in Southern California where the sun always shines, but vitamin D deficiencies are still a problem for a lot of people. In fact, this type of deficiency has been linked to many health issues, including migraines in young people and unexplained headaches.

Study Looks at Unexplained Headaches in Men

In a study done at The Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition in Finland, researchers analyzed the blood of 2,600 men. The subjects ranged in age from 42 to 60. Scientists asked them to report the frequency of their headaches and the information was charted for five years.

Normal blood levels of vitamin D are 20-50 ng/mL.  The study showed that men with levels below 15.3 ng/ml typically suffered at least one headache a week. Those with vitamin D levels below 11.6 ng/mL were likely to have more frequent headaches, often daily!

A simple blood test can determine your levels.  Ideally, your number should be 40-60 ng/mL.  Ask your doctor for a 25 (OH) D test.

Health Benefits of Vitamin D

The researchers theorized that vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent swelling in the sensory neurons and the microglial cells in the brain and is essential for proper brain function.

Vitamin D is essential to the nervous system, brain function and bone strength. Deficiencies have been linked to Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and bone fractures.  In addition to combating headaches and migraines, optimizing your vitamin D level strengthens bones, reduces overall mortality, AND strengthens your teeth!

Sources of Vitamin D

The best way to get vitamin D is from sun exposure.  Good food sources of vitamin D include milk and other dairy products, wild-caught salmon and other oily fish such as sardines, herring and mackerel and cod liver oil.

You can also boost your vitamin D with a quality supplement. The recommended daily dose is 5,000.

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