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TruDenta Pain Treatment Proven 95% Effective

Pasadena Pain Management is proud to offer a pain treatment program, called TruDenta. It is proven to be extremely effective in patients who have recurring head, face, TMJ jaw and neck pain — including migraines and headaches.

No Needles, No Medications

Drug-free, needle-free and painless, TruDenta pain treatment is non-invasive and aimed at the underlying causes of chronic headaches: the pain and discomfort caused by improper muscle forces in the mouth, neck and head area. This pain could be the result of trauma, such as whiplash, or the accumulated effect of years of improper alignment of the jaw — or different muscles working against each other.

Evaluate, Diagnosis, and Treat

Using this system, we evaluate a patient’s pain symptoms and disabilities in the teeth, muscles and joints that are likely caused by force imbalances — and diagnose the problem with precision. Then, we use specialized tools and techniques — such as ultrasound, micro-current technology, cold-laser therapy and manual muscle massage — to reduce pain and inflammation and to promote healing of the muscles and nerves.

The treatment has been shown to be 95% effective.

How It Works

The TruDenta pain treatment combines in-office therapies and at-home therapy to treat the source, not the symptoms, of the pain. In fact, 40%the treatment is home care.

Many chronic headache and migraine sufferers have tried traditional treatments that don’t provide lasting relief because the treatments — such as medications — only temporarily mask symptoms. People can develop a tolerance for these drugs, where as maybe two pills used to work, but now, they need four pills. In worst-case scenarios, prescription pain-killers can be addictive.

If you or someone you know suffers from chronic head, neck, or jaw pain — it may be time to request a FREE CONSULTATION with our highly-trained pain management team.

No one should have to live with pain and relief could be just a phone call away.

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