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Traveling With a TMJ Disorder? Here’s What You Need to Know

With summer fast approaching, many are turning their attention to their travel schedules. Sure, it’s fun and exciting to plan for an adventure but for people with a TMJ disorder, traveling can add a whole new layer of complexity.

In addition to packing and dealing with airport hassles, you also have to make sure your TMJ pain doesn’t debilitate you during the trip.

So, how can you travel without aggravating your TMJ pain? Here are some tips for a successful travel experience, no matter your mode of transportation.

If You’re Traveling By Car:

Make a lot of pit stops.

Sitting in the car for long periods of time can be difficult on your body. By making regular stops, you can ensure that your muscles don’t start to get tense and your joints don’t get stiff.

Bring a comfy pillow.

Pillows are great for long road trips. Not only do they offer your head and neck support while taking a nap in the car, but they can also help to reduce back pain. If you’re starting to notice any back or neck pain during the drive, use the pillow to support the irritated area before it leads to unnecessary TMJ pain.

If you’re traveling by plane:

Consider purchasing earplugs.

There are some earplugs on the market that help to stabilized air pressure, cutting down on ear pain and TMJ pain while at high altitudes. If ear pain often aggravates your TMJ pain, it could be a good idea to invest in the appropriate earplugs for the trip.

Get up and move (if you can).

More often than not, airplane seats are small and uncomfortable. If you find that your compact seat isn’t providing you the comfort and support you need, get up and move around the cabin as you can. It’s a great way to keep your muscles from tensing and your TMJ pain from flaring up.

Use a travel pillow.

Much like in the car, pillows for airplane travel can help to relieve your TMJ pain or combat it before it even starts. Neck pillows are great for planes because they can make an uncomfortable seat a little more comfortable for sleeping and relaxing while in the air and can also be used to support your back if necessary.


If you’re anxious about a TMJ disorder flare during your summer trip, try not to stress out. Remember that stress, anxiety, and TMJ are all linked.  If you feel that traveling or activities once you’re at your destination are too much, take a time out for a nap. Sometimes a little rest is all you need to get back into the swing of things.

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