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TMJ Pain

TMJ pain is a condition that impacts thousands of people here in Southern California. Fortunately, those who are seeking a cure for TMJ pain can look no further than Pasadena Pain Management, which now offers a revolutionary treatment therapy called Disclusion Time Reduction, or DTR.

This computer-guided TMJ pain treatment is only offered by a handful of health professionals in the United States. DTR is proven to be much faster and more permanent than other traditional TMJ pain treatments, such as mouthguards and appliances.



The Method for Disclusion Time Reduction

Instead of traditional TMJ pain treatment of mouthguards and appliances, Dr. Stender uses a T-Scan system to compile data on a TMJ/TMD patient’s timed and force bites inside the mouth. As back teeth touch each other while a patient chews, eats, or grinds their teeth, opposing teeth push each other in and out of their sockets. These socket compressions go on unknown to the patient and happen thousands of times throughout the day, all the while, excessively firing the jaw muscles of the patient into a state of severe TMJ pain.

TMJ Pain Mouthguards and Appliances Are Not Enough!

For years, mouthguards and appliances were primarily used by dentists to treat TMJ pain. A mouthguard sits between teeth to stop them from touching. This often helped TMJ pain, as long as the patients had their mouthguard in place. Once they removed the mouthguard, the TMJ pain and symptoms would occur again. They were a temporary solution.

By using the T-Scan, the data collected can nearly permanently correct the time and force of occlusal problems. In most patients, many of the TMJ jaw pain symptoms go away within the first week after treatment has begun – without a mouthguard!

If you’re in pain from TMJ inflammation, please take a moment to learn more about DTR by watching this video of Dr. Robert Kerstein, the founder of the Disclusion Time Reduction TMJ pain treatment program. Then, contact Pasadena Pain Management for an immediate FREE consultation.