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Do You Really Suffer From TMJ Pain Disorder? Here’s How to Tell

TMJ syndrome refers to a disorder of the temporomandibular joint that connects the jaw to the rest of the skull. When this joint becomes irritated, inflamed, or otherwise compromised, the pain can become unbearable in a short period of time.


Because the temporomandibular joint is in a central location. Any discomfort in that location will spread beyond the jaw itself and into the mouth, teeth, ears, eyes, neck, shoulders and head.

Do You Have a TMJ Pain Disorder?

Additionally, since a TMJ disorder is easily aggravated by so many normal daily tasks like eating, talking and yawning, it can be difficult to avoid for even a moment. For this reason, anyone who suffers from TMJ syndrome should seek treatment from an experienced TMJ specialist immediately.

Wondering if you really suffer from TMJ pain? Watch this video as we explain more about TMJ pain and symptoms.

Why TMJ Pain Treatment Should is Immediately Necessary

Most sufferers will attempt to alleviate their chronic TMJ pain on their own, through self-medication. Over time, popping a few pain relievers here and there to ease the symptoms can turn into a full-blown addiction.

Furthermore, constant pain, combined with the tendency of some people with TMJ to grind their teeth in their sleep, can lead to a pattern of sleep disturbance and insomnia as well. TMJ symptoms may also contribute to depression, which can in turn negatively impact job performance, personal relationships and general quality of life.

Not treating your TMJ could also lead to malnutrition or even eating disorders, as patients attempt to avoid the problem by eating only soft foods, liquids, or not eating altogether. No one should have to suffer in silence, particularly since TMJ pain disorders can be treated permanently through safe, non-surgical means.

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