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[WATCH] Samantha’s TMJ Success Story

TMJ pain comes in many forms. For Samantha, a patient here at Pasadena Pain Management, it started with soreness in her jaw, followed by neck pain and debilitating migraines. Some days, Samantha was home-bound for hours dealing with hours of pain. She popped over-the-counter medications, like Excedrin, to help cope with TMJ, neck and migraine pain. But that pain relief was only temporary.

The Beginning

Samantha’s pain started many years ago. She had no idea what was wrong and her dentist at the time said it was a TMJ disorder and to stop chewing gum and grinding her teeth. She was fit with a mouth guard. Still, however, the pain kept coming back.

Stress Triggers

As Samantha has gotten older she’s realized that she holds stress in the shoulders and jaw.  She can clench her jaw without her teeth even touching just by putting stress on it.  It is an unconscious behavior that Samantha is constantly telling herself to stop.

DTR for TMJ 

When Samantha came into our office looking for help with her TMJ and neck pain — she had no idea how much her bite force and teeth clenching were impacting her pain.  The specialized TMJ therapy offered here at Pasadena Pain Management, called Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR), offered her a clear plan of action for eliminating her TMJ problems. Within a matter of weeks, Samantha already felt relief.

How DTR Treatment for TMJ Works

Instead of traditional TMJ pain treatment of mouthguards and appliances, we use a T-Scan system to compile data on a TMJ/TMD patient’s timed and force bites inside the mouth. As back teeth touch each other while a patient chews, eats, or grinds their teeth, opposing teeth push each other in and out of their sockets. These socket compressions go on unknown to the patient and happen thousands of times throughout the day, all the while, excessively firing the jaw muscles of the patient into a state of severe TMJ pain.

This is what happened to Samantha.

By using the T-Scan, the data collected nearly permanently corrected the time and force of occlusal problems going on in Samantha’s mouth. In most patients, many of the TMJ jaw pain symptoms go away within the first week after treatment has begun – without a mouthguard!

Do You Suffer from TMJ and neck pain?

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