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The Urge to Eat Chocolate May Be Migraine Warning, Not a Trigger

A doctor in the U.K. is speaking publicly about migraine warning signs, saying the urge to eat chocolate, and other snacks, is not just a trigger but is actually a warning sign that a migraine episode is imminent.

In his appearance on ITV’s This Morning, the hosts were shocked to hear this revelation by Dr. Peter Goadsby.

“Many of these things that people think are triggers [like eating chocolate] are actually a warning it’s happening,” Dr. Goadsby said.

“Migraines can actually start two days before you feel any symptoms.”

What other snacks are some migraine sufferers craving prior to an attack?

Dr. Goadsby says snacking on cheese and coffee could also be a warning sign that a migraine is only a day away.

“Your brain tells you when to pass urine, it tells you when to go to sleep, it tells you when to do things. If it tells you to eat some chocolate and a day later you get a migraine, then you are wrong to think this causes a migraine. If people understand their condition better then they can manage their lives when one is approaching.”

As controversial as it sounds, Dr. Goadsby’s revelations are good news for sufferers who often deprive themselves of their favorite snack to avoid a triggered attack.

Symptoms of a migraine usually involve intense pain on one side of the head. Pain is usually moderate or a severe throbbing sensation that gets worse during movement. Nausea, vomiting and an increased sensitivity to light and sound could also be a sign.

The debilitating symptoms could last between four hours to three days.

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