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The Simplest Way to Get Rid of a Headache in 10 Seconds

How many times has a nasty headache popped up out of nowhere and ruined a perfectly good day? One second you’re going about your business, and the next the pounding is so intense you literally can’t do anything else but lie down.

On days like these, what you are experiencing are tension headaches. They the most common type and often start with something as little as a clenched jaw. Tightening the masseter muscle—which connects your jawbone and cheekbone— can create a force too great, making other muscles in the area stiff and leading to the brain-area pangs.

But before you lose hope, there’s a quick trick that just may help banish this type of pain in as little as 10 seconds.

It’s all about massaging the masseter muscle.

Physical therapists swear by this technique because it’s the simplest way to release all that built-up tension in your jaw, which in turn, gets rid of your headache.

Here’s how to do it:

First find the masseter muscle on each side of your face and apply gentle pressure with your fingers. (If you make a chewing motion, you’ll be able to feel it working and better pinpoint it.) Next, slowly open your mouth as wide as you can, then slowly close your mouth. Repeat this motion until you feel your muscles release.

We recommend doing this a few times a day, especially if you tend to clench your teeth when you’re stressed. This not only helps with tension headaches, but also with TMJ disorders!

While this easy massage may not be an end-all cure for your headaches, some daily facial muscle TLC could prevent future attacks down the road.

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