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Why You Should Start Keeping a Migraine Diary NOW

When a migraine strikes, the last thing you probably want to do is grab a pen and write down your symptoms. But no matter the type of pain you are enduring, it is critical to track your migraine experiences.

A migraine diary can be one of the most useful tools you have at your disposal for finding relief from your migraines. Since each migraine patient has a unique experience, understanding this experience can help you and me treat your condition more effectively.

A migraine diary can help you:

  • Recall your symptoms in more details.
  • Track the effectiveness of your medication.
  • Express emotions that you feel during and after a migraine attack.
  • Facilitate better communication between you and your doctor.

Because of the differences among migraine sufferers, no two pain treatment plans should be exactly alike either. To be as effective as possible, a migraine management therapy should be tailored to your experiences. And, this is why keeping a migraine diary is so valuable.

Furthermore, a migraine diary can also help sufferers communicate with friends and family about the pain they are experiencing. Suffering from migraines on a regular basis can lead to severe depression, and perhaps thoughts of suicide. Sharing these painful experiences with friends and family, however, can help them better understand what a sufferer is going through and provide emotional or physical support.

Regardless of how frequently migraines occur, living with the condition is never easy. Fortunately, relief is possible when you keep the lines of communication open — with me at Pasadena Pain Management and with people around you.