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Here is what patients are saying about their pain treatment at Pasadena Pain Management.


I have been suffering from TMJ for the past 30 years. Over the years I have received treatments from several dentists but never really got relief from the constant pain. I was searching for a TMJ specialist and found Dr. Stender on the on Internet. His office has great reviews so I decided to get a consultation. On my first visit Dr. Stender was very thorough and I was quite impressed with the top of the line testing equipment he used for my exam. Dr. Stender concluded that I would greatly benefit from the Trudenta program. I felt a significant improvement just after one treatment. I don’t clench my teeth as much and the pain in my neck, shoulder, and back diminished. The only issue I have right now is the oral orthotic that doesn’t quite fit but Dr. Stender and Melissa (therapist) are determined to find a solution so my bite would be corrected. I can’t say good enough things about Melissa. Not only is she thorough but she is so good at what she does. I just finished my third treatment and I continue to improve. I actually look forward to my weekly treatment. The entire staff is friendly and accommodating.

– Melissa Plank

I’ve been having migraines all my life and it wasn’t until Imitrex came out that I had some relief from them. But I was never able to prevent them. Not until I got the wonderful help of Dr. Stender and Melissa Milner’s magic therapy.
After one therapy session, I began to feel better. After several treatments, I can truly say my migraines were going away. And through the use of a new night guard appliance, exercises, cold wraps, and the tensor electrodes, I can finally now control my migraines before I get them. I rarely get them anymore.
Melissa is absolutely amazing. She is thoughtful and caring and very professional. She totally understood my needs and knew exactly what was right for my particular issues.
I highly recommend this treatment and can’t thank everyone enough for giving me a pain free life.

– D. Johnson

I came to see Melissa for my neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and ringing in my ear that happened after an auto accident. The whole area of my neck and jaw was tense and stiff all over. And the constant headaches I was made it worse to tolerate. My lawyer recommended I see a therapist to get my jaw and neck treated. I was skeptical about any treatment. I really didn’t think I needed anything like this. But I decided to give it a try anyway.
After working with Melissa at Trudenta for 3 months, I saw how much better I was feeling physically. I saw the treatment taking effects by the 3rd and 4th weeks. Melissa really knows what she is doing and what is best for you. I like that Melissa always make sure you follow the treatment correctly. I also like that she is really good at feeling the tension in different parts of your neck, shoulders, and jaw and able to massage it away. She has good strong hand and can go really deep into your tissue. It just all depends what kind of touch you can take at the moment. I found out the stiffness, and pain in my neck and jaw is due to me clenching my teeth caused from stress of my accident, which also lead to the headaches.
Melissa made me a night guard for me to wear in my mouth every night or whenever I feel stress or have tendency to clench my teeth. After wearing the night guard and also doing the therapy treatment with Melissa once a week, my headache started to fade away. It was not as sharp or long lasting as before. It used to last a few days, but now I rarely have it anymore. Again, I never thought I needed this treatment. Now, I am so grateful it was recommended to me, because now I see the benefits I was having during the treatment. I felt so good and more alive after the treatment that I couldn’t stop telling people about this treatment whenever they complained of headaches or migraines. Plus, it was a really, really relaxing experience. It was definitely worth it.

– V. Vann

It has been almost three months since I finished the TruDenta program. I’ve been essentially migraine free since just after starting the program in October so that’s almost six months without a debilitating migraine.
Words can’t begin to describe what this has meant to me and the life changing impact it has had. For at least the last three and a half decades, migraines were just a part of what “normal” was for me. Thank you Dr. Stender, Melissa and the rest of the team for introducing this treatment plan to me and giving me a migraine free life!

– R. Santana