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Take a Whiff! The Smell of This Candy Just May Relieve Your Migraine Pain

A study reveals a popular candy scent relieves migraines and headaches!

About 14% of American report experiencing migraine or severe headache within the last three months. Now, scientists say peppermint oil applied to the forehead and temples is effective for tension headaches and migraines.

The Magic is in Methanol Gel 

The research examined a specific methanol gel called Stopain Migraine. While doctors say the gel doesn’t not replace professional headache and migraine treatment, it does appear to be a “benign” treatment that some people may benefit from.

Headache sufferers have long tried home remedies, such as peppermint oil or Tiger Balm on the forehead or back of the neck. While the candy scent seems to relieve some migraines, it may be unpleasant for some people. However the big advantage is that it does not cause “rebound” headaches — which can result from too-frequent use of aspirin or acetaminophen sold over-the-counter.

Migraine and Headache Treatment at Pasadena Pain Management

If you or a loved one suffers from chronic headaches or migraines, professional pain treatment may be your most effective option for relief.

The TruDenta® system used here at Pasadena Pain Management is designed to get at the heart of your headaches, migraines, or other types of pain. Through proven, state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of advanced dentistry and sports medicine, you can finally get headache and migraine relief in a way that will:

  • Reduce your pain levels as well as the duration of pain
  • Provide headache relief without dependence on drug-related solutions
  • Give you control of your healing process

A Migraine Treatment That’s 95% Effective

If you are living in Southern California and are tired of living with chronic pain from headaches, migraines, or a TMJ disorder, contact Pasadena Pain Management for a FREE consultation.

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Pasadena Pain Management offers pain management treatment for TMJ/TMD, migraine, headaches and neck pain in Pasadena, CA. Our office is conveniently located with extended hours to meet your needs. At Pasadena Pain Management, we offer the exclusive TruDenta® treatment therapy — a highly specialized form of care that involves cutting-edge dental technology, without needles or injections. Patient satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to provide the exceptional, affordable pain management care and personal touch that lead to lasting relationships. A smiling patient is our greatest reward and we look forward to keeping our patients happy and pain free.