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Summertime Migraine Triggers That’ll Ruin Your Fun

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and summer is not far behind. While most of us crave the long, lazy days of summer…. for some, it’s a time of misery and despair. Migraine sufferers are especially prone to a 5-alarm attack during the months of June, July, and August.

By recognizing some common summertime migraine triggers, you can learn how to avoid these attacks, whether you’re lying on the beach or enjoying your Fourth of July celebrations.

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Here are some of the most common triggers to avoid this season:


Losing a lot of water and sodium through sweating can trigger migraines. Dehydration often occurs during extended periods of exercise, but physical exertion on its own can also trigger migraines.

Unfortunately, a similar effect can happen if people drink too much water. Over-hydration can also throw off the balance of electrolytes, which can lead to a migraine.

Less Stress 

Migraines can happen at a time of a let down from stress. When a person has a chance to relax, it may be the time for headaches to happen. In fact, the first days of vacation or the start of the weekend are common times for migraines to occur.

Changes in Sleep 

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Changes in sleep patterns can also cause migraines in some people. The longer days often cause people to go to sleep later than usual. Weekend headaches also happen from napping in the middle of the afternoon, going to sleep later than usual, and sleeping in. If you wake up disoriented with a crushing headache, then you need to stick to a strict bedtime routine, even while on vacation.

Migraines can also be caused when people don’t eat at their normal times, which tends to happen in the summer.

Environmental Factors

Summer allergens, such as grass pollen, can also trigger migraines.

There are also some studies suggesting that differences in the levels of pollutants may be correlated with frequencies in migraines.

Humidity can increase the levels of some allergens in the environment and can also cause migraines in other ways.

Other summer migraine triggers include the heat, which can cause changes in body temperature; alcoholic beverages and higher altitudes some people might experience when they go camping.

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Summer storms causing high barometric pressure can also increase your chances for suffering a migraine, especially if lightning strikes within 25 miles of your home. Scientists believe it has something to do with correlating changes in pressure in the brain.

Pasadena Pain Management recommends that migraine sufferers know what their triggers are and avoid them if possible. Sometimes, however, even when all precautions are followed, migraines might still strike.


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