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Solutions to the 5 Most Common Holiday Headaches

The holidays are upon us. That means our to-do lists are longer, the kids are getting excited, family expectations are growing — and you, no doubt, are on the verge of a stress-induced migraine.

Stress is undoubtedly the #1 unwanted guest during this time of the year. This is because stress can lead to teeth grinding, TMJ disorder flares, and miserable migraines.

So, in the spirit of the season, here are some quick problem-solvers for the holiday’s biggest headaches.

The headache: Obligation overload
The remedy: Plan ahead

Think about the holidays last year. What were the hits, and what went wrong. Was your family cranky and overwhelmed at Aunt Loraine’s house? Perhaps skip that stop this year. While there may be a few celebrations you’ll most likely have to make an appearance, saying a firm no to the “eh” events will help keep you excited for the ones you will enjoy.

The headache: Gift-giving uncertainty
The solve: Get off the list

Etiquette experts agree that it’s OK to email acquaintances and ask them to leave them off their gift list this year. This alleviates the possibility of an awkward one-sided gift exchange. And instead of giving individual gifts to, say, your entire social circle, suggest getting together for a cookie exchange. A charitable donation on behalf of a really-hard-to-buy-for friend or family member is always a great idea as well.

The headache: School’s out and the kids are bored
The solve: Make a schedule

A lot of pressure can come from expecting everyone to participate in all holiday traditions. Experts say it’s best to explain “no choice, mandatory” events in advance so everything’s clear. Then talk over the free-time options with the kids: Maybe a play date with a friend or a trip to the skating rink with classmates.

The headache: Writing holiday cards
The solve: Keep it simple

No one needs to writes a long-winded update letter or produce an award-worthy family video on what you guys have been up to. A simple card, hand-signed and with a short personal note is just as nice. Include a few fun anecdotes rather than a list of everything you and your family have done in the past year. And consider that a New Year’s card can always be an option if the extra time will relieve stress.

The headache: A too-full house
The solve: Send them out — and ask for help!

Got family in town staying with you? Getting these guests out of the house for a few hours can work wonders on your sanity. Encourage them to visit a restaurant one night, or head to a local shop or attraction they haven’t seen. And don’t be afraid to ask for help!

The holiday season is meant to be a special time of year. We’re hoping these tips will ensure that a migraine doesn’t ruin the merriment.

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