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Safest Way to Indulge in Chocolate Without Triggering a Migraine

The life of people with migraines are full of warnings: Don’t drink. Don’t smoke. Don’t consume caffeine. Watch the weather. And, it hardly seems fair, in a pain-filled world, that migraineurs also can’t have chocolate either.

But wait — hold that thought!

Chocolate Isn’t All That Bad For Us — Except for the Calories

More and more evidence says chocolate actually is GOOD for us — like the latest 2017 study that says chocolate improves brain function. And top headache researchers now contend that, for most people, chocolate isn’t the triggering culprit we perceive it to be.

So how can we safely consume this magical confection without bringing on a migraine? The answer is simple: Pause and consider the timing.

Weigh All Possible Triggers (Not Just Chocolate)

If you’ve been under heavy stress, if a thunderstorm is predicted, or if you’ve had a migraine in the past 48 hours — then you may want to avoid chocolate as well. Migraine triggers are additive. Meaning, if you are exposed to 3 or more triggers, I skip the optional risk of a chocolate fix. Or I take one tiny bite just to enjoy the taste – not a whole cookie, cake or sundae. Just think of the calories you’ll save!

For Some, Chocolate Isn’t a Migraine Trigger at All

There is, of course, the possibility that chocolate is not a migraine food trigger for you. After all, food triggers are very personal and vary from person to person. Despite the well-known connection between migraines and chocolate, research shows that it may not be a true food trigger after all. In 2014, Italian researchers published a paper that looked at the history of chocolate as a migraine trigger. They found that in clinical studies, chocolate is not a consistent migraine trigger.

Even better, one study found that chocolate can actually help your migraines by repressing CGRP, one of the proteins involved in a migraine attack. Now that is research I can get behind!

Even if you notice migraine pain after eating chocolate, there’s still a chance that the migraine was coming on before you ate the chocolate.

If you’re ready to indulge in chocolate without fear, pay attention to the effect chocolate actually has on your migraines for two days after you eat it. Be sure to write down your observations in a headache diary. If you don’t notice a connection, you can have your chocolate fix without fear.

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