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Pregnant Women Who Take Migraine Drug Valproate Could Lower Child’s IQ

The government is warning pregnant women to avoid using migraine drugs that contain valproate.

Though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of drugs containing valproate for migraine headaches, epileptic seizures, and manic episodes of bipolar disorder, recent findings show they may cause cognitive birth defects.

A recent study by Dr. Kimford Meador and colleagues, published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, shows that prenatal exposure to valproate-containing drugs increases the risk of childhood autism and, relatedly, negatively impacts the IQ scores of children.

The research has not established specific time points within a pregnancy that valproate exposure can have the most effect. However, if the migraine drug is affecting cognitive development, and perhaps causing mental retardation, the FDA is taking a necessary precaution to forewarn mothers of the drug’s effects on their children.

The FDA is currently working with manufacturers who package valproate-containing drugs to ensure this new warning is reflected on labels. In the meantime, women with these conditions are urged to seek alternative treatments for pain to avoid the harmful side effects on their unborn children.

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