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Pain 101: College Life With Migraines

From long lectures, to noisy night parties, to rowdy sporting events, college life is full of fun and learning — and for some, migraines. Many students can “get by” in college with migraines. But, SUCCEEDING in college with migraines is bit more tricky.  Finding the perfect balance between a healthy student life and migraine care is just as important as finding the balance between your schoolwork and health.

Student Life Success in College with Migraines

Managing migraines and completing academic work take time and effort, sometimes leaving little left for social activities. Here are some tips to help students make the most of your college years so that they can enjoy friends and fun in college – even while managing migraines.

1. Create a support network among friends and classmates

Advocates come in all shapes and sizes. Even pets offer valuable comfort during migraines and study breaks.

Clubs and groups on campus are a great way to meet like-minded people. If you get frequent migraines, make sure you do not commit to more than you can handle. Try to surround yourself with people who are supportive and understanding of your migraine needs.

You may even meet other students with migraine!

2. Be honest and open with your roommates about your migraine needs.

You will most likely live with roommates at some point during college. It is very important that your roommates and housemates are aware of your needs.

It’s always a good idea to have a meeting with your roommates to go over house expectations and rules. This is a great place to explain how migraines affect you at home. Try to come up with specific things you need from your roommates in order to be successful and healthy.

3. Know your limits and respect them. 

College life will most likely present you with many opportunities for excessive behaviors. It is important to understand your personal migraine triggers. If you know what kinds of foods and activities will trigger a migraine you can steer your choices towards healthy, migraine-free college days. It is important to understand the potential negatives effects of alcohol and illegal drugs on your migraines and your overall well being – especially if you are underage.

4. Make sure your professors respect you. 

Having a positive relationship with your professors can really influence the outcome of your college experience. For academic success in college with migraines, you are really at the mercy of your professor. How flexible your professors are with absences and accommodations has a huge impact on your success.

It is important that you are also flexible with your professors, especially when they make changes to accommodate you. Stay in contact with your professors even outside of the classroom, making sure to keep them up to date with any migraines that may keep you from class.

Don’t Let Migraines Keep you from Your Goals

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