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Obesity Linked to Chronic Headaches

New research finds that obese people are more likely to experience chronic headaches. These headaches are often more severe and frequent than headaches from patients who are of normal weight.

This is according to Dr Elliot Shevel, Chairman of the South African branch of the International Headache Society and Medical Director of The Headache Clinic.

The study offers some interesting insights into the link between weight and headaches.

The Findings

The findings of the study showed that headaches occurred in 4% of normal weight people, but among 5% of the obese and 7% of the morbidly obese participants.

Some 33% of the obese people missed more than four days of work in one year because of their headaches, compared with merely 27% of slightly overweight and normal-weight people. The obese participants were also more likely to report severe pain than people of normal weight.

Among the findings of the study is the fact that women who are middle-aged and obese are among the most likely to suffer from frequent and severe headaches. Obese people in the study were also 30% more likely to suffer from chronic daily headaches (more than 15 headaches each month that last more than four hours).

Says Dr Shevel: “It could well be that the headaches are caused by a symptom of obesity, or that the headaches and obesity share a common cause. For instance, many obese people suffer from insomnia or poor sleep quality, and sleeplessness is a clear headache trigger among many patients.”

Healthy Living

Researchers believe a routine of healthy living is important for a migraine or headache sufferer to control his or her condition. In fact, many doctors say that a healthy diet with regular, well-balanced dinners and adequate sleep (eight to ten hours a day) can often do wonders for a headache-prone person .

Anyone who suffers from sudden or continuous headaches should seek medical attention immediate — regardless of their weight. The good news is that headaches and their triggers can be treated and managed as effectively among obese people as among normal weight people.

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