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Om! Study Shows Mediation May Reduce Migraine Severity

You may have heard about meditation for positive energy, or meditation for sleep. Now, scientists say meditation may also help migraine sufferers.

Migraine headaches affect about approximately 15% of the population — and, for years, notable advances have been made to address pain without narcotics in this population. The newest advance comes in the form of meditation.

In the new study, scientists set out to determine key meditation ingredients that positively impact mood and headache factors. In doing so, the researchers studied different meditation techniques to establish an initial time or “dose” needed to reach effective results.

Scientists noted:

“Meditation practice has been associated with improved pain and decreased migraine headaches frequency in previous studies. However, it is unknown if all forms of cognitive control, both those that contain meaningful practices for the participant (e.g., meditation, relaxation) and meaningless practices (e.g., simple distraction), would be equally effective in reducing migraine headache frequency or pain levels.”

Participants were instructed to practice various types of meditation:  Spiritual meditation, internally-focused secular meditation, externally-focused secular meditation, or progressive muscle relaxation. The participants also completed daily headache diaries.

Scientists noted:

“Meditation participants were instructed to begin their meditation by softly repeating their meditation aloud a few times to help them focus, and then to continue to silently focus on the phrase, and how the phrase is reflected in their lives. If the participants felt they were losing focus, they should repeat the phrase aloud to refocus and then continue with the silent meditation.”

Practicing the active techniques found to decrease migraine pain over 30 days. The most significant change occurred after 20 days of practice.

The study is published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine.

Are You a Migraine Sufferer?

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  • Treatment attempts and results

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