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New FREE Smartphone App Predicts How Weather Can Affect Health

If you suffer from frequent or chronic migraines, or other pain conditions, you may want to head over to the app store on your smartphone and download Blisly.

This new, free app can predict how weather can affect health, including migraines, asthma, and allergies.

How it Works

The app was developed by a Montreal-based meteorologist named Jocelyne Blouin who was fascinated by the implications of weather and health. So created Blisly to issue indexes for several types of conditions based on a user’s local weather. The app works by sending the smartphone user an index of the risk that the weather conditions could exacerbate symptoms. For instance, for migraines, a level 2 tells sufferers to ‘be cautious’ while a level 4 advises ‘consider changing plans.’

App Can Reveal Patterns and Triggers

Users can increase the accuracy of the index by filling out a detailed questionnaire to determine if they’re weather-sensitive and if so, whether it’s to temperature, pressure, wind or other factors.

For example, if you see that atmospheric pressure corresponds to the days you have headaches, you can see a pattern developing. You can show this information to your pain management provider for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The app has been available since late July.

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