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New App Aims to Reduce the Frequency of Migraines

Migraine tracking apps are extremely common, but no app has claimed to actually reduce the frequency of migraine episodes — until now.

There’s a new smartphone-based relaxation app out with may help sufferers keep their migraines at bay. The app is called RELAXaHEAD. It works by guiding patients through progressive muscle relaxation, or PMR. In this form of behavioral therapy, patients alternately relax and tense different muscle groups to reduce stress.

But Does it Work?

To see if the app really works, a research team analyzed app use by 51 confirmed migraine patients, all of whom owned smartphones. Participants were asked to use the app for 90 days and to keep a daily record of the frequency and severity of their headaches, while the app kept track of how long and often patients used PMR.

Study participants, on average, had 13 headache days per month, ranging between four and 31. PMR therapy utilizing the RELAXaHEAD app dropped to 51 per cent after six weeks, and to 29 per cent after three months. The researchers, who anticipated a gradual decrease in the use of the app, next plan to identify potential ways to encourage more frequent sessions.

Researchers are in agreement that accessible smartphone technologies can effectively teach patients lifelong skills needed to manage their migraines, alongside professional treatment.

When it’s Time to Get Help

If you are experiencing chronic headaches or migraines and not quite sure of the cause, contact Pasadena Pain Management. We can help find a solution to your headache or craniofacial pain and, if necessary, design a course of treatment based on your needs.

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