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Monitoring Your TMJ Disorder With Your Smartphone is in the Future

Diagnosing and treating a TMJ disorder can be a challenge. But, thanks to modern dental technology and scientific tools, I can assess the state of your jaw, including its motion, function, and activity of the muscles around it.

But imagine if we could one day monitor how well our TMJ is functioning with our smartphone?

Researchers have developed a system that takes jaw muscle monitoring out of the office, making it something you can do on the go. Their preliminary system shows great promise, and could offer many TMJ benefits for the future.

Wireless Monitoring is Tested

In a small study, researchers wanted to see if they could develop a wireless electromyography (muscle tension measurement, EMG) device that worked as well as wired versions. The wireless EMG have three lobes, are about an inch by an inch-and-a-half in diameter, and weigh about as much as a quarter. They can stick to the skin to be worn throughout the day.

To determine whether the wireless EMG worked as well as wired devices, researchers had 12 test subjects perform a number of jaw muscle tasks while wearing both the wireless and wired devices. They found that, for the most part, the two measurements agreed and worked equally well. However, for some light muscle activity, such as smiling and delicate tooth contact, the wireless device didn’t work as well as the wired device.

They determined that this was a promising start for a smartphone prototype, but it would need further refinement before it was ready.

Benefits of Wireless Monitoring

Scientists believe that one of the most promising benefits of wireless daily monitoring is better screening and diagnosis of TMJ. People who suspect TMJ might be instructed by their doctors to wear the device. They could then learn whether they had TMJ, bruxism (teeth clenching and grinding), or other conditions related to jaw muscle tension. It would be particularly useful in detecting sleep bruxism (assuming that it could be worn overnight).

But the wireless EMGs could also help us get a better understanding of TMJ. With more data from around-the-clock wear, we could get a better idea about what causes TMJ, how it develops, and how to improve treatment.

TMJ Treatment in Pasadena CA

Although this new phase in TMJ monitoring isn’t ready yet, you can trust that when it is ready, it will be thoroughly evaluated by dental health professionals.  If it seems like a true benefit to our patients, it may one day be incorporated it into our practice.

At Pasadena Pain Management, we are committed to deploying the most recent technologies in TMJ treatment. We are constantly monitoring the newest technology and incorporating beneficial ones into our practice.

If you would like to learn more about the advanced technology and techniques we use, please call 626-773-8333 or schedule an appointment for a free consultation online.

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