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Migraines at Work are Costing People Their Jobs

A new UK polls show an alarming new statistic about the cost of migraines at work: Almost one in five people who suffer from extreme headaches and migraines have lost a job.

According to a study by the Migraine Trust, a third of people quizzed about their condition said their bosses did not empathize with their illness. They were also given no support when suffering from migraines or headaches.

Now, headache and migraine health advocates are calling on governments around the world to act to ensure all employers help workers who face migraine or headache conditions.

While migraine sufferers are not that uncommon in the UK (one in seven people suffer from the condition), virtually 40% of respondents said they had lost employment as a result.

The Migraine Trust also reports that the illness gets the least public funding of all neurological conditions, even though it is estimated to cost the UK and U.S. economies billions each year.

TruDenta Pain Management For Your Migraine

As a leading pain management specialist in Pasadena, I offer a very thorough, and scientifically-proven, therapy for head pain – including TMJ pain, chronic headaches, migraines, and jaw pain. It’s called TruDenta pain management therapy; a therapy that only a handful of health professionals are certified to use.

TruDenta is a drug-free, needle-free, and pain-free system to provide long-lasting pain relief.

With these easy and painless tests, I can see what’s causing your headache symptoms. I can also pinpoint other related areas of mouth health, muscle health, tooth-related issues, and other potential problem areas that will be treated during your TruDenta therapy.

Only TruDenta dentists, like me use this unique combination of assessment technology and education that often leads to immediate symptom resolution for patients.