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Migraines Shown to Double Risk for Depression in Women

Research finds that women who suffer from migraines, or have had them in the past, are at higher risk of developing depression.

The Women’s Health Study of 36,154 women, found that of the 6500 who had suffered from migraines either past or present…. nearly 4-thousand of those women had developed depression in a 14-year follow up.

Researchers from the study, which was supported by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the National Cancer Institute, found that women with any history of migraines were 40% more likely to develop a form of depression later in life compared to those without who had never suffered from a migraine.

“We hope our findings will encourage doctors to speak to their migraine patients about the risk of depression and potential ways to prevent depression,” said Dr Tobias Kurth from the study.

This research follows another study by the University of California, which found that mothers who suffer from migraine headaches are twice as likely to have babies with colic.

The study questioned whether a baby’s colic is an early symptom of migraine rather than it being a gastrointestinal problem caused by certain foods. Despite the latter being the common diagnosis, after 50 years of research, there is still no solid evidence between colic and stomach problems.

Researchers hoped that the migraine link could help treat baby’s cries by reducing stimulation, noise and light – just like with migraines.

The above studies reinforce the seriousness of migraines. Treatment is critical!

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