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Migraines During Pregnancy Linked to Childbirth Complications

The findings of a study reveal that women who suffer migraines during pregnancy are at an increased risk for complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Pre-eclampsia and Pre-term Delivery

Matthew Robbins, MD, of the Montefiore Headache Center in New York City, and colleagues studied 90 women who sought emergency medical care for severe migraines while pregnant.

The researchers found that about 20% of the women had pre-eclampsia. Nearly 30% of the women had pre-term delivery, compared to about 10% of women in the general population.

Other Complications

Other findings:

  • 19% of the women with migraines had low birth weight babies (compared to a rate of 8% among women without migraines).
  • Women aged 35 and older with severe migraines were 7 times more likely to have these complications than women in the general population.

62% percent of the women in the study received a combination of pills and intravenous drugs to treat their migraines. The researchers said they are uncertain, however, if the medications played a role in the pregnancy and birth complications.

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