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Migraines a Common Form of "Leisure Sickness" During the Holidays

Do you find yourself getting sick, even suffering from severe migraines, when you should be relaxing on your weekend or vacation?

This isn’t your imagination. It’s an actual condition called Leisure Sickness — a phrase coined by a psychologist in the Netherlands.

Doctors say one of the most common symptoms of leisure sickness is migraines. And, if you want to avoid a migraine during your vacation or weekend you have to try to keep to a similar pattern every day.

For example, if every working day you get up at 6am, you should do the same on Saturday and Sunday to avoid waking up with a migraine.

The problem with holidays is they can trigger migraines as they involve disregarding your normal rhythm and routine. You may travel to a different time zone, miss meals and become dehydrated by air travel which can all kick-start a migraine.

Best advice: Stick to your usual pattern of behavior, even on holidays and at weekends. Get up at the same time, have meals at the same time and if you are traveling by air — try to get a daytime flight.