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Migraine Warning Signs May Differ in Kids, Adults

New research is shedding light on the differences children and adults experience just prior to a migraine episode.

Pre-Migraine Warning Symptoms Vary Between Age Groups

A study finds that fatigue and mood changes are the most common symptoms that occur in children.These symptoms were seen in 41% of 185 children, aged 5 to 18, who are diagnosed with migraines. The two symptoms are also commonly found in adults with migraines.

But, researchers say, four other common pre-migraine symptoms in adults were NOT found in children: yawning, neck stiffness, food cravings and urinary changes.

Headaches and Migraines in Children Can Be Severe

Migraines are less common in children than in adults. But when children have these headaches, they can experience more severe pain.

Parents should consult their pediatrician if a child’s headache is sudden and severe, if there’s a change in the headache compared to previous headaches, or if frequent headaches interfere with a child’s normal routine.

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Treatment for Migraines and Headaches in Southern California

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