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Study: Migraine Patients 3X More Likely to Have Anxiety

Migraines are never pleasant, but new research suggests that they may have a more damaging effect on mental health than we realized.

New research from the University of Toronto, published online last month in the journal Headache, found that people with migraines are three times more likely to develop anxiety than those who do not suffer from migraines.

Men More Likely to Develop Anxiety Than Women

For the study, the researchers analyzed mental health surveys from more than 2,200 Canadian adults with migraines and nearly 20,000 adults without migraines. The analysis revealed that 2% of people without migraines suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, compared to 6% of the persons with migraines.

And in spite of the fact that anxiety is much more common in women, the study showed that men with migraines were two times more likely to develop anxiety than women with migraines.

Possible Links Between Migraines and Anxiety

Researchers say that there are many possible reasons for the migraine-anxiety connect, including biological, environmental and emotional factors. 30% of migraine sufferers experience debilitating chronic pain.  Difficulties managing household responsibilities were one of the main factors causing anxiety in migraine patients.

Lack of support was also a huge factor — those who did not have at least one close friend to confide in were five times more likely to have anxiety. It’s well known that support from friends and families is one of the most important tools we have for protecting mental health.

Although migraines and mental health issues are rarely discussed together, research has identified many links between the two. People with migraines are also twice as likely to suffer from depression and previous research suggests that migraines are more common in patients with bipolar disorder.

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