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[POLL] Migraine Pain Worse Than “Childbirth”

A new Nielsen poll shows that people consider migraine headaches more painful than childbirth, kidney stones and/or broken bones.

The online survey, called the Migraine Impact Report, was sponsored by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and conducted in May 2017.

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The Pain Scale Ratings

The newly published results of the survey of more than 500 people show migraine sufferers gave the most severe headaches they had ever experienced an average rating of 8.6 on a pain scale of one to 10.

The same respondents rated the “most painful thing” they had ever experienced as an 8.7.

Survey subjects who had experienced both migraine pain and childbirth rated the latter a 7.3 on the pain scale. z9Note: the Migraine Impact Report did not include information about how many respondents received epidurals or other anesthetics while giving birth.)

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Broken bones were given an average pain rating of 7.0, lower on the pain scale than kidney stones, which surpassed childbirth but fell below respondents’ worst migraines at 8.3.

Migraine Effects on Work and Family Life

Interestingly, 62% of the 518 migraine patients involved in the survey said they “try to hide the true impact” of migraine pain from peers at work or school. The same group of respondents said they enjoyed, on average, only 15.4 completely pain-free days during the previous month.

A third of the respondents also said that they didn’t get the promotions that they were hoping to get or they didn’t take a job because they felt they couldn’t function due to their migraines. The effects of migraine pain also extended to home life and time spent with family.

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