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Medical Marijuana Another Option for Your Migraines

As medical marijuana marches on, and more dispensaries open across the country — there is evidence that the drug can offer relief for people with migraine headaches. In a study published in the Pharmacotherapy medical journal, researchers pinpoint an association between decreased migraine frequency and the use of medical cannabis.

Experts from the University of Colorado examined the effects of marijuana use in men and women who were either diagnosed with migraines or were recommended migraine treatment.

The study concluded that the frequency of migraine headaches decreased over time with medical marijuana use. These findings back a separate 2015 medical pot survey which also found that migraines were among many symptoms that were relieved by using marijuana products rich in the therapeutic compound cannabidiol (CBD).

On the heels of this latest research, doctors say more studies need to be conducted to explore why and how medical marijuana alleviates migraine headache frequency and symptoms. Scientists also want to explore the use of different strains, formulations, and doses of marijuana to better understand its effects — especially as it pertains to migraine patients.

Interestingly enough, the benefits of cannabis for migraine relief dates all the way back to 1892 when Dr. Sir William Osler published “The Principles and Practice of Medicine.”

“Cannabis indica is probably the most satisfactory remedy [for migraines],” Osler wrote.