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Managing Your Migraines at Work

We know how debilitating a migraine can be — and when it happens at work, the pain, anxiety, and stress associated with migraines can be even more unbearable. In fact, almost 90 % of migraine victims say they are unable to perform any action or job at the workplace during the migraine attack.

It can also be hard for a migraine sufferer to let the boss know why he/she is unable to accomplish assigned tasks or jobs. It is an unseen sickness that makes it impossible for others to see or understand how much pain you are bearing.

If you suffer from frequent migraines at work, and don’t quite know to manage them, here are some tips that may prevent migraine episodes in the future.

Avoid Stressful Situations

This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes stressful situations are unavoidable at work.

Stress is listed as one of the common migraine triggers by more than 70% of patients. Getting things organized and use of a daily workplace are the things that can help you keep stress at bay. Getting yourself out of the stressful situations is also a great idea to keep your head pain under control.

Wear Tinted Glasses

If light worsens your pain, then you are one of the migraine victims who have light sensitivity which is also known as photophobia. Light sensitivity is commonly linked with migraine and can aggravate the pain enormously. However, wearing sunglasses, or tinted glasses, indoors can shield your eyes from intrusive light. You can also use sunglasses that can filter blue-tinted light to provide your eyes relief in pain. Turning the lights off to make your own darkness is also a good idea to prevent light sensitivity whenever possible.

Stick to Routine and To-Do Lists

Build a plan for things to do daily and stick with that. It can help you bring consistency in things to get them all done on time without getting late and stressed too. Doing things with consistency helps the human body knows what’s next, which is a good thing to help you prevent migraine attacks at work.

Reach for Healthy Snacks

Hunger is one of the common migraine triggers. Skipping a meal is simple and easy when you have a lot of things to do in office but a migraine attack caused by an empty stomach will make you unable to perform appropriately at work. So, be sure to eat something healthy whenever you feel hungry and try not to skip your meals at any cost. Having some additional snacks to eat in office like nuts, protein bars is another good idea to manage migraine attack at work.

Have a Cold Pack Handy

Wrapping your neck with a cold pack can amazingly lower the head pain when you are in office. Cooling the blood down can make your brain reduce the swelling and dull the headache during the migraine attack.

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