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Looking for TMJ Pain Relief? Try These 3 Exercises

A TMJ disorder is a painful condition that we treat right here at Pasadena Pain Management. It can cause pain in the jaw, headaches and migraines, difficulty chewing… among other symptoms.

Treatment from a dental health professional is often the best solution for TMJ Pain. Physical therapy is also an alternative that you can do at home.

Here, I’m going to walk you through a few helpful exercises for TMJ pain relief.

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“Relaxed Jaw” Exercise

Just like the pencil trick, this is a very simple exercise that can help relax the jaw. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth so it rests behind your front teeth. Then slowly allow your jaw to drop open.

Repeat several times.

“Chin Tuck” Exercise

Pull your shoulders back and puff out your chest. Then pull your chin straight back to create a “double chin” and hold for three seconds.

Repeat several times.

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“Resisted Mouth” Exercise

With your mouth closed, place your thumb underneath your chin. Then slowly open your mouth, while applying resistance pressure with your thumb.

Hold for several seconds and release.

This exercise can also be done in reverse. Begin with your mouth open and pinch your chin with both thumbs and index fingers. Then slowly close your mouth while applying resistance pressure with your fingers. Hold for several seconds and release.

Repeat several times.

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