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Living With Pain Everyday? You’re Aging Faster Than You Think

Pain that persists for any length of time and is resistant to natural healing is known as chronic pain. It is physically, socially, and psychologically debilitating. And now, according to researchers, pain causes premature aging symptoms.

Pain and Premature Aging

Scientists from the University of California San Francisco analyzed information from 18,531 adults aged 50 and older in order to evaluate the relationship between functional limitations and pain. Of these study participants, 24% reported recurring pain for a headache, migraine or other ailments. The researchers found that the abilities of adults aged 50 to 59 who had frequent pain were more comparable to those of adults aged 80 to 89 without pain.

Although this study cannot determine whether pain actually speeds up the aging process, the researchers suggest that it is likely that chronic pain and disability exacerbate each other. The study also highlights the importance of managing and effectively treating headaches, migraines, or other types of pain in order to improve quality of life and to ensure that people don’t age pre-maturely.

Live a Pain Free Life

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