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Lipid Level in Blood May Determine Risk for Migraine Headaches

The findings are small, yet an exciting new study could lead to a new blood test for migraine diagnosis.

Certain Fats in Blood Play a Role in Episodic Migraines

Migraine research reveals that women who get migraines have different levels of certain fats in their blood compared to women who don’t get the severe headaches.

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Researchers tested blood samples in women who get episodic migraines — meaning they get migraine headaches up to 14 days per month. The samples tested for a class of lipids that had previously been shown to play a role in regulating energy balance and inflammation.

Scientists found the levels of lipids called ceramides were lower in the women with episodic migraines than in the women who did not have any headaches. Even more interesting: Researchers say that women’s risk of migraines increased with higher levels of two types of a different lipids, called sphingomyelin.

Research May Help Future Migraine Diagnosis and Treatment

Scientists are hopeful the study offers deeper insight into understanding the underpinnings of migraine. It may also have far-reaching effects in diagnosing and treating migraines in the future.

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Today, patients are diagnosed with migraines on the basis of the symptoms they report. In other words, there is no bio-marker or blood test for migraines that pain management professionals can use to differentiate people who get migraines from those who don’t. Replicated studies could soon change that.

Stay tuned.

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