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How Do You Know When a Silent Migraine Hits?

Silent migraine is a type of migraine condition that doesn’t include a headache. As strange as it may sound, it’s actually not all that unusual. Over the years, this type of migraine has gone by other names, including:

  • acephalgic migraine
  • sans-migraine
  • migraine equivalent
  • eye migraine
  • visual migraine
  • ocular migraine
  • painless migraine
  • migraine aura without headache.

Today it’s usually called migraine aura without headache.

Migraine aura is a term used to describe many of the other symptoms that go along with migraine, but it’s usually referring to visual symptoms. This might include seeing zig zags or flashing lights, or having dizziness or vertigo. It’s estimated that only about 15% of migraineurs deal with aura.

Interestingly, migraine aura without headache more often occurs later in life, and more often in men than in women.

The Problem of Misdiagnosis

As you may imagine, with so many symptoms in silent migraine, it’s prone to misdiagnosis.  Sure, if you were to get a one-sided headache, or any headache, migraine might be suspected.  But without the headache stage, the migraine diagnosis is often missed.

Even those who get “normal” migraine can get silent migraine from time to time.  It’s estimated that 20% of migraineurs have had silent migraine.  Of course, it’s easier for someone with a history of migraine to recognize the symptoms.

Getting the Right Diagnosis

If you have migraine or related diseases in your family history, your doctor may suspect that you’ve experienced silent migraine.  Also, be ready to describe your symptoms.  Include even things like irritability and euphoria, yawning, stiff neck and difficulty finding the right word when you’re talking.  If you’ve had more than one attack, and the symptoms are the same, that’s an important clue.

Silent Migraine Treatment

Rare or mild occurrences may not require treatment at all.  However, for many people sans-migraine is not something to be shrugged off.  The symptoms can still be completely debilitating.  For cases like that, there is help.

Remember that silent migraine is still migraine.  It’s a common misconception that migraine is simply a bad headache – it’s actually a neurological disease, and headache is only one possible symptom.  There are various types of treatment that work well for migraine, silent migraine included.

Headache and Migraine Specialist in Southern California

As a leading doctor in migraine treatment in Pasadena CA, I recommend that migraine sufferers be evaluated by a specialized pain management specialist who can evaluate your symptoms and prescribe the right course of action for treatment.

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