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Ketone Supplements Shown to Cut Migraines by 50%

New research is shedding light on ketone supplements which have shown to slash migraine attacks in half.

What are Ketones?

Ketones are produced naturally from the ketogenic diet or fasting. Your body breaks down fat and metabolizes it into ketones to use as an alternative fuel to glucose. It’s brain fuel. And it kills migraines.

Ketones Impact in Migraines

Ketones work by reducing migraine triggers called glutamate and oxidative stress. They also improve glucose levels, reduce hunger, and help your body reduce excess body fat, which also cuts down in migraine episodes.

Previous Migraine Success From Ketones

The ketogenic diet made headlines in 2013 when a case study found that two chronic migraineur sisters became migraine-free within three days of starting the ketogenic diet.

Another study of over 100 patients found that the ketogenic diet reduced the migraine frequency of more than 90 percent of migraine sufferers, which is far more successful than any migraine medication.

The Supplement Study

The new breakthrough study gave four migraine sufferers a BHB ketone supplement (10 g) twice per day for one month. Ketones in the blood doubled or tripled for about three hours.

Average migraine frequency dropped from 16 days per month to eight days per month. The leading author notes that it is impressive that the results occurred in just one month because migraine days are likely to continue to drop for 90 days or more.

The next study, currently underway, has 90 patients using ketones supplements twice per day for three months.

Stay tuned…

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