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Jawzrsize – The Face Fat Burning Craze Could Cause Extreme Jaw Injury

Many people here in Southern California are on a constant quest to stay fit. In doing so, they may fall into new diet trends and exercise crazes. But not all of them are beneficial. And, some can be downright dangerous to your health.

Jawzrsize is one of those crazes that should be avoided.

What is Jawzrsize?

Jawzrsize is a device that, according to its makers, can help people burn facial fat and chisel their jawline. It’s basically a hard rubber ball, fitted with silicone bite parts. These bite parts can be sort of customized to your teeth using boil-and-bite techniques.

You’re supposed to use the Jawzrsize system for 20 to 30 minutes a day, repeatedly biting down on it. Supposedly, this gives your jaw nearly 300 pounds resistance. That’s about 10 times the force required to chew crunchy foods like carrots, so you’re working your jaw hard during these exercises.

And, the website claims, if you use the device to make your jaw muscles stronger, you can stop TMJ symptoms.

Not a chance!

Why Jawzrsize Could Be Dangerous

The human jaw is capable of performing its functions efficiently over a lifetime. But suddenly putting too much strain on the jaw could lead to serious damage.

The amount of stress that doing this type exercise will put on your jaw joint could damage the joint itself. It could lead to significant wear on the cushioning disc or displace the disc, which can lead to jaw popping and clicking.

It is a mistake to believe that too-weak muscles are causing your TMJ. In fact, it’s common for people with TMJ to have overdeveloped jaw muscles. These jaw muscles develop as a result of habits like jaw clenching and nail biting.

This is not to say that no one could benefit from this type of exercise. Some people probably would see benefits, but for most people the risk is greater than the reward.

Healthy Jaw Exercises

What distinguishes healthy jaw exercises from this type of damaging jaw exercise is the emphasis on gentle conditioning, not extreme stress. If you are looking to strengthen your jaw, click here and follow these safe exercises for TMJ and headaches.

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