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Is it Possible That Gatorade Can Really Cure a Migraine?

Have you heard about the Gatorade migraine cure? Grab a bottle when feel a migraine coming on, and it’ll go away.

But is this home migraine remedy an old wive’s tale, or does it really work?

Mechanisms for the Gatorade Cure

The primary reason Gatorade will help get rid of a headache or migraine, because it hydrates. Dehydration is a common cause of head pain, especially in the summer. The simple act of restoring your body’s lost moisture can do wonders for a migraine.

Another way that Gatorade might work to cure your headache is by supplying magnesium. Magnesium is a common remedy for migraines. It works for many people, and is one of the ways that people use food to treat their migraines. Other people recommend magnesium supplements to help prevent migraines.

Could Gatorade Cause Migraines?

On the flip side, there’s also a possible risk that Gatorade could actually cause migraines. Like many artificially flavored foods, Gatorade is suspected (but not proven) to contain MSG, which some people say is a migraine trigger, although there are doubts about that.

So it’s possible that people could experience migraines after drinking Gatorade. However, there are far more reports of people experiencing migraine relief from Gatorade than those developing migraines after drinking Gatorade.

When it’s Time to Seek Professional Treatment

If you’re not getting headache relief from home remedies like Gatorade, we can help.

TMJ treatment has been proven to help many headache sufferers see reductions in the frequency and intensity of headaches. TMJ is linked with migraine as well as many other chronic overlapping pain conditions (COPCs).

To learn more about our proven, drug-free migraine treatment, please call 626-773-8333 for an appointment at Pasadena Pain Management. You can also schedule an appointment online HERE.

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