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Is it Brain Fog — or a Real Working Memory Issue?

Lots of things can disrupt our working memory –- stress, anxiety, worry, pain and sickness. All of it can slow down our ability to think clearly and express ourselves. But for people with migraines, the loss of working memory is especially prominent.

Your Working Memory is Similar to Computer RAM

RAM stores information needed to perform tasks using software that is already opened. Not everything that is stored on a computer’s hard drive is accessible in RAM. Sometimes there are too many processes running at once and a computer’s RAM will not be able to respond quickly. The computer slows down and becomes unresponsive to commands. To correct this problem, you need to close some programs and allow the RAM to catch up. Sometimes you have to completely shut down the computer and start over. Occasionally that means you lose some of the data you were working with.

Migraines can do the same thing to working memory.

All that pain, nausea, and other symptoms slow down our thinking. We can lose information we were trying to remember because our working memory is too busy trying to process all the input from migraine itself.

Managing a Memory Deficit

So what can we do about it?

While there may not be a way to prevent “migraine brain” — there are some tactics you can do managing the deficit on working memory.

  1. Keep all your notes and reminders in one place. It can be a notebook, planner, software, or electronic device.
  2. Maintain a current calendar with email and/or text reminders.
  3. Ask a trusted person to remind you of important tasks, appointments, and events.
  4. Keep a revolving task list that helps remind you of all the things you might forget.
  5. Maintain an up-to-date contact list so you don’t have to remember phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses.

Learning to use these strategies effectively might take time. You will experience a lot of trial and error before you find just the right solution.

Get Treated for Your Migraines

If you’re tired of the symptoms and affects migraines are having on your life, it’s time for professional migraine treatment. Pasadena Pain Management specializes in treatment for chronic migraines, headaches, TMJ pain, vertigo, or other types of head/neck discomfort.


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