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Is it All in Your Head? Placebo Study Reveals Some Migraine Patients Really Don’t Need Medication

Could knowing you’re taking a placebo pill cure migraines? Research shows that may be a possibility — and that some patients may not really need drugs.

Doctors say placebo pills, which are actually sugar pills that don’t do anything at all, can cure some of the most common medical conditions — including some migraines.

In one specific study, migraine sufferers were told they were given a placebo, and their pain level was reduced by 30%.

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Why this phenomenon?

Doctors say there are psychological reasons at work; that placebos can activate the same neurotransmitters as many powerful drugs.

“The body has an internal pharmacy for certain kinds of conditions,” says Dr. Ted Kaptchuk of Harvard University.

However, Kaptchuk notes there are limits to the placebo effect.

“We’re not gonna shrink a tumor with a placebo pill,” he added.

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But for some conditions, it could fundamentally change the way patients are treated.

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