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Parenting With a Migraine? Here’s How to Do It Without Losing Your Mind

Coping with a migraine at any time is terrible, but it can be especially hard on men and women who have the 24/7 job of caring for children.

Being a parent never stops, even when a migraine hits. And when children can’t grasp your pain, the situation becomes even tougher.

Here are a few steps you can take that may make parenting with a migraine more manageable.

Keep Trusted People Speed Dial

You may be the kind of parent who wants to do it all. But when a migraine occurs, you’ll likely need someone to step in and help — fast. Whether it’s one of your siblings or parents, or even a nanny who’s willing to stay late if you have a debilitating migraine, talk to the trusted adults in your life and know who you can call when you need some help.

Let Your Kids Lend a Hand

Migraine pain can cut down on your enjoyment of family time, but there are ways to be with your children even during a migraine. For example, you might turn down the lights and ask your little ones to practice reading stories to you, or sit in the play area with your toddlers while they play around you.

Just as you tend to your kids when they’re sick, many children learn from—and even enjoy—playing nurse to their own parents. So if they’re capable, let them bring you an ice pack and help you feel better.

Let Go of Guilt

It’s easy to feel guilty because your migraine pain is requiring your family to change plans or stop helping as much around the house. But it’s important not to bring guilt into the equation, as that’ll just add emotional pain to the physical migraine pain.

Dole Out Responsibility

When you’re experiencing migraine pain, it can be a lifesaver for your kids to understand how to take care of themselves in small ways. Obviously, you should only leave your children to their own devices as long as it’s safe, but empowering an elementary school child to choose their own clothes or pour their own cereal will also start to teach valuable lessons about self-sufficiency.

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